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    Feel free to achieve

    anything you want



    Be Boundless

    in your freedom, energy, growth,

    and in your business


    Become a boundless me!

  • Being boundless is a way of being, feeling, seeing, and acting in life.

    It means: being without borders. So you can grow, expand your horizon, be open to new things in life, and live life to the fullest.

    This can be both in private matters or your business. Either way:

    It is all about mindset:

    • When you think big, your results will be big.
    • When you are free of doubt or fear, you will take that next step sooner.
    • When you think highly of yourself, you will succeed faster.
    • When you are open to growth, your results will grow too.

    When you have a goal, but you are not certain where to start, or you get stuck along the way, you sometimes can use a helping hand, to take this next step.


    Let me guide you in becoming a Boundless Me.

    Invest in your personal growth and take the next step.


    With Boundless Me, I help you, as a (starting) entrepreneur, to make this lifestyle your own, so you can grow as an entrepreneur and as a person.

  • About

    Brigitte and Boundless Me

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    With CoworkParadise, a Mastermind Business Retreat in Bali, Brigitte coaches entrepreneurs to achieve growth in their personal lives and in their working lives. To make coaching accessible to entrepreneurs, outside of CoworkParadise, Brigitte started her company: Boundless Me.


    Personal development is a must to be able to grow further in your business. And business is just like real life: it has ups and downs, and challenges you have to overcome.

    The way you are able to handle these challenges defines your success.

    When you start working with Brigitte, you will be guided along your journey, as she has experienced overcoming these challenges herself.


    Brigitte helps private persons and entrepreneurs, to make them able to take the next step. She works online a lot, so she can help people from all over the world.

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