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    Why work with Brigitte?

    Brigitte has overcome a lot of challenges herself, both in her personal life and in her business. She will use her experiences in life as an entrepreneur, as a manager, and as a coach, to help you further.

    5 years ago, she decided to start all over. On her own, for a period of time, she traveled the world. She worked with a (business) coach and started her business CoworkParadise. For part of the year, she lives in Bali running her business and guiding entrepreneurs. These achievements could not have been made without having the right mindset and the will for change.


    With CoworkParadise, a Mastermind Business Retreat in Bali, Brigitte helps entrepreneurs to grow as a person and business-wise. To make this help accessible for entrepreneurs outside of CoworkParadise, she started Boundless Me.

    Brigitte likes to help you, also with private matters. Book a 15-minute call to see if we match together.

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    for an introduction conversation of 15 minutes, to know if we have a match.